Local Producers

Wood pellets are a well-kept secret in Quebec. From timber harvesting to the recovery of transformation debris to pellet production, everything comes from Quebec, including the know-how to create such a high-quality product.

There are more than a dozen pellet producers in Quebec who manufacture hundreds of thousands of tons of pellets annually. As a result, the wood pellet industry creates and supports thousands of well-paying jobs in the province.

These producers offer a quality of pellets that remains unmatched anywhere else in the world. Quebec pellets are in high demand on several continents.

With Quebec's annual production rising to over 450,000 tons in 2020, out of a potential 700,000 tons of production capacity, and new plants being built, there is no indication of a pellet shortage any time soon.

Looking for a pellet producer or distributor? The module below provides easy access to all the information you need to shop around and stock up on pellets with confidence.

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