Is heating
with pellets

Heating with pellets is accessible to everyone. Although this heating system is not the most used in Quebec households, it is one of the most efficient while also being very environmentally friendly.

What should I consider before heating with pellets?

Pellet stoves can be used as a primary heating system or to support your existing system.

The real question is: where do you start? And the answer is right here!

Consumers must first make sure that the product corresponds to their needs, taking into account the space and surface to be heated. The choice of a stove and/or a furnace depends on the total surface area for uniform and optimal heating.

Next, you should choose your heating system. Several types of installations are offered in Quebec and are available at several retailers. Many local and foreign brands (especially Italian) are also available. Furnaces, boilers, stoves and fireplaces are among the most popular.

As heating capacity varies greatly from one appliance to another, you should rely on the advice of a specialized retailer to determine which type of stove to buy. Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to transfer heat to an adjoining room while maintaining a comfortable temperature in the room where combustion occurs.

A pellet stove can be connected to a thermostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature. Some manufacturers even offer a smart phone application to control your system. Central heating systems are also available, either with hot water or forced air.



The furnace meets two needs: air circulation and recovery of an existing combustion furnace. This device allows you to circulate air through an air exchanger system. The air is heated and dispersed by a fan into the various rooms of the house. It can also be humidified and conditioned by an air conditioner or a heat pump.


The boiler heats your home through a hot water circuit. It is ideal for maintaining a constant temperature in all rooms. It is also a way to recover a hot water piping system connected to an old heating system.


The pellet stove or fireplace heats a single room or a large open space in the same way as a wood stove would, but even more efficiently. The heat is distributed throughout the room at the desired intensity. It is also the cheapest and easiest way to heat with pellets. All you need is a chimney.

OvenChimneyElectricity Ventilation ductsPiping systemPurchase cost
Furnace7 000 $
Boiler12 000 $
Stove/Fireplace1 500 $ to 4 000 $


Installations can be simple or more complex. They can range from drilling a hole in the wall behind the stove to install a chimney a few feet high (typical in mobile homes), to installing a chimney that runs several stories and vents above the roof of the home.

If the flue is vented against a wall, it is recommended to avoid using the side of prevailing winds, and that the fresh air intake be installed on the exhaust wall, at least 1 metre away and below the top of the chimney.

It is strongly recommended to work with a professional certified in the matter with the APC or WETT to ensure the compliance of the new system.

Can I obtain funding or tax credits?


The Quebec government offers tax credits through the Chauffez vert program. Visit their website for full eligibility details.

Here are some situations that could allow you a tax credit if you acquire a wood pellet heating system:

The replacement of an oil or propane heating system with a system powered by renewable energy.

Replacing an oil or propane water heater with a water heater powered by renewable energy.

In addition, the installation of a pellet heating system can give you access to the Dualenergy rate in Quebec, which may offer cost reductions on additional electricity purchases.

To find out all about the Chauffez Vert program
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